Annual hiking ticket

  • Annual hiking ticket
    Hikers that enjoy hiking on the estate of Duivenvoorde Castle can purchase an annual hiking ticket, valid all through the calendar year for the whole family. This hiking ticket is also valid for the Royal estate 'De Horsten'. An annual (family) hiking ticket costs €16. People aged 65 and above pay € 8 for this annual hiking ticket.

    At Duivenvoorde, you can purchase a hiking ticket at the register in the castle, or knock on door of the grounds caretaker, across from the car park. At De Horsten, you can purchase the hiking ticket at the register, at the Papeweg entrance.

    Separate tickets
    Would you like to visit the Duivenvoorde estate without an annual hiking ticket? Then it is possible to purchase a separate ticket at the machine. The machine can be found at the entrance of the car park. Separate tickets are €1.

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