• Earlier exhibitions

    Power and Vulnerability (2019)
    Central to our programme this season at Duivenvoorde Castle are the families who have lived here throughout history. During the Castle tour you will hear tales never told before about these noble owners and their heirs. Read more

    The Story of Duivenvoorde (2018)
    Duivenvoorde tells the story of eight centuries of noblemen's way of life. A story about important and fascinating people throughout the centuries, who had one thing in common: their relation with Duivenvoorde. Eight centuries of family history against eight centuries of national history. A fascinating story! Read more (in Dutch)


    Seasons at Duivenvoorde (2017)

    The Netherlands has a clear change of seasons. Even though we are worried about the warming up of the earth and we like to complain about the weather, none of us would prefer seasons of endless summers or winters. It's been like that throughout the centuries. “I used this first beautiful day to head to Duvenvoirde”, Arent IX van Wassenaer wrote on 11 October 1709, after a period of persistent storms and rain, to his father-in-law Hans Willem Bentinck, the 1st Duke of Portland. Read more (in Dutch)


    Upstairs Downstairs (2016)
    Noble houses such as Duivenvoorde tell a story. A story about the life of the noble residents upstairs, and that of their staff downstairs. For Duivenvoorde around 1900, those were the families Steengracht and Schimmelpenninck van der Oye. Their presence can still be felt. By taking a closer look at the interior and the collection of Duivenvoorde, the exhibition 'Upstairs, downstairs' sheds some light on 'life back then'. Read more (in Dutch)

    Noble family portraits at Duivenvoorde (2015)
    They are the soul of the castle: the portraits of the families that inherited Duivenvoorde Castle for eight centuries, Van Wassenaer (13th - 18th century), Steengracht (19th century), and Schimmelpenninck van der Oye (20th century). Samples of Dutch noblemen's portraits from the 16th century; no older portraits remain from the time before that. Read more (in Dutch)

    Lovely, noble greenery around Duivenvoorde and Hofwijck (2014)
    The historic gardens of the Hofwijck and Duivenvoorde estates are cultural gardens. They have been designed, made, and experienced by people. They represent a world of ideas, in which the connection between home and garden is an important constant. The stories of the gardens of Huygens' Hofwijck and Duivenvoorde were told by the hand of archive documents, images, maps, books, photographs, and details on paintings and porcelain. Read more (in Dutch)

    Duivenvoorde and Oranje (2013)
    In 2013, Duivenvoorde Castle received an extra hint of orange. The residents of the castle, the noble families Van Wassenaer, Steengracht, and Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, have always had close bonds with the House of Oranje-Nassau. They fought alongside Willem van Oranje, held important positions in the young Republic, or were chamberlain or lady-in-wait to the king or queen. Read more (in Dutch)

    Passion for paintings - the Steengracht collection of Duivenvoorde (2012)
    A hundred years ago, the beautiful personal collection of old and live masters came to an end. The collection of paintings had been curated by the (ancestors of) the Steengracht family since the mid-1700s. Read more (in Dutch)

    Fashioning nature. Flower and animal motifs (2011)
    Artists have been inspired by nature throughout the ages. They captured nature as they saw it, or let their imaginations run wild. From painting to porcelain, from costume to silverware, from book to image, and from carpet to ceiling: anywhere you look in Duivenvoorde Castle, you will find flower and animal motifs. As decoration, as a symbolic meaning, or as a realistic reproduction. Read more (in Dutch)

    Timeless trendy (2010)
    The jubilee exhibition Timeless Trendy uniquely and surprisingly combined modern art objects with the interior and collection of Duivenvoorde Castle. The modern objects were chosen specifically, to create an exciting dialogue between the objects and the historic interior. Read more (in Dutch)


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