Duivenvoorde visitors pavilion

  • Why a visitors pavilion?
    In the Leiden garden, near the monumental castle (1226), the charming gamekeeper's house (1879), and the renewed car park, the Duivenvoorde Foundation is developing an attractive visitors pavilion. The pavilion plays a key role in the ambition of Duivenvoorde to become a favoured hotspot in the ever-expanding touristic and recreational network of the province of South Holland. Duivenvoorde becoming more well-known contributes to the socio-economic support for the preservation of this unique cultural-historical ensemble.

    The pavilion serves several functions: reception (ticket sales, information), estate and museum shop, and catering establishment. The audience of the pavilion is diverse: from museum visitor, hiker, to passer-by. The visitors pavilion with outside patio will be established in the Leiden garden. The Leiden garden is a walled, sheltered garden with an orchard, and a flower and herb garden, where one can enjoy a pleasant break all year long. A place to experience all the seasons of the year.

    The plan for aesthetic quality of the pavilion, made by landscape architect Michael van Gessel, has been adopted in the Buitenplaats Duivenvoorde zoning plan from 2011. The idea entails a robust building with the characteristics of a barn. HLDesign made a draft design at the time, and based on that, architectural firm 70F architecture has now delivered a final design.

    For the day-to-day management of the catering establishment in this remarkable location, a suitable and high-quality catering concept is being developed. The establishment owner will be the ambassador and host representing the estate in everything that they offer and organise. Someone who, in close cooperation with the Duivenvoorde Foundation, cherishes the ‘spirit’of this centuries-old country estate, and is able to translate its qualities to a contemporary experience.

    The realisation of this project is only possible thanks to the generous support of the Province of South Holland, Bouwfonds Cultuurfonds, Rabobank Stimuleringsfonds, 't Nut Voorschoten, Ondernemersvereniging De Vierkante Tafel (donation) and Ondernemersvereniging Voorschoten (through crowdfunding and donation). Through their support, the Duivenvoorde Foundation feels encouraged in its quest for an Open Duivenvoorde, which is a prerequisite for the future preservation of this unique ensemble in the crowded urban agglomeration.



    Update April 2017

    Official name for pavilion & contract signed
    On 11 April this year, the signing of the lease agreement between director Annette de Vries of the Duivenvoorde Foundation and owners Raymond Talsma and Leon Harinck of Hof van Duivenvoorde BV took place. Talsma and Harinck are close acquaintances of Duivenvoorde, as they also provide catering for the castle, under the name of House of Lords.

    Hof van Duivenvoorde, as the visitors pavilion will be named, will open in September. The restaurant's opening hours will be from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. In addition, from September, the Hof van Duivenvoorde will also house the register and reception of the castle, and a museum and estate store.

    Update January 2017

    It Giet Oan! (It's on!)
    Whereas skating season is off to a slow start, at the Duivenvoorde estate: It Giet Oan! (It's on!). The construction of the visitors pavilion will start in February and will take six months to finish. The opening of the pavilion is planned for September, giving the public the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful Indian summer at the estate. This is a long-cherished dream come true for Duivenvoorde!

    Update November 2016

    Tender has started
    The tender for the construction of the Duivenvoorde visitors pavilion has started! The beautiful design of 70F architecture is expected to be realised in the Leiden garden before the summer of 2017. It will be a building that moves along with the day organically, so to speak, and closes itself again at night. The pavilion will exude quality in every aspect. The facade will be made from a beautiful NobelWood that will get a beautiful grey hue over time. The interior and patio will give off a warm and inviting vibe.

    Update July 2016

    What is the current status?
    Behind the scenes this past year, we have worked hard on the steps required for the construction of the Duivenvoorde visitors pavilion in the Leiden garden. Architectural agency 70F architecturehas finished their beautiful final design for the building, and the application for the environmental permit has been submitted. We are currently in contact with a potential entrepreneur to manage the pavilion. The tender for the construction of the pavilion will start during the summer. The financing has been secured almost entirely, thanks to the province of South Holland, Bouwfonds Cultuurfonds, Rabobank Stimuleringsfonds, Nut Voorschoten, entrepreneurs of Voorschoten and the Duivenvoorde Foundation. However, we will only get a definite green light when we've received the permit, signed the contract with the entrepreneur, and successfully finished the tender. We plan to open the pavilion in 2017.


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Visitors pavilion brochure

Download the brochure here for more information about the plans for the Duivenvoorde visitors pavilion.