Help to put Voorschoten on the map
  • Duivenvoorde Castle is potentially the most important touristic attraction of Voorschoten. With the slogan ‘Open Duivenvoorde’, the Foundation is working on increasing its name and attraction, and on doubling the number of visitors. By Voorschoten and Duivenvoorde joining forces, a powerful win-win situation is created. On the one hand, visitors of Duivenvoorde can find their way to other places and venues in Voorschoten using active information, while visitors of the Voorschoten centre can find their way to Duivenvoorde.

    Crowdfunding campaign
    To cover costs for the visitors pavilion, the province of South Holland has already allocated a considerable sum, which was the first step in the process. For the next step, business owners from Voorschoten are asked for their support in the project. For this purpose, a unique crowdfunding campaign was started. It is also possible for individuals to support the project this way. Find out here how you can help us. 

    Ondernemersvereniging Voorschoten
    The Ondernemersvereniging Voorschoten (association of undertakings) (OVV) recognises the growing importance of the tourism and recreation sector for the economy of the village and the role that the estate and castle play in it. The OVV therefore strongly supports the Duivenvoorde Foundation in its ambitions to realise a visitors pavilion, and calls on the business owners of Voorschoten to register for one or more shares of the loan, and/or support the Duivenvoorde Foundation in another way. Companies from elsewhere in the region are also cordially invited to join this initiative. 

    Business owners can register for one or more shares of a perpetual loan of €500, that annually distributes 3% interest and entitles to an annual (family) hiking ticket for the park and an annual reception at the castle. The sponsor will also receive an honourable mention on the Duivenvoorde website. The loan and benefits in return will not start until the actual construction of the pavilion has commenced.





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Download the registration form here.

As a company and/or private individual, you can also support us in other ways. For example, by becoming official Partner as a company. Partnerships may enjoy exclusive benefits in return.

If you wish to contribute to the preservation of Duivenvoorde as a private individual instead of as a company, you can become Friend/Benefactor/Patron of the Duivenvoorde Restoration Fund. For more information, click here