Fire wood

  • Throughout the year, we sell fire wood from our own forest. This is available in two types:
    - Spliced oak and beech wood, "stove-sized", excellent wood for the fireplace. Price: €75 per m3.
    - Little trunks of about 1 m long, with a diameter of 10 - 30 cm. These come from the alders and ash in our chopping wood lots. These trunks still need to be chopped or spliced into pieces. Price: €40 per m3.

    Please note: not all the wood is dry and ready for burning. Depending on the kind of wood, it generally still needs to dry for a while. For instance, ash wood can be used right away, but fresh oak wood should preferably dry for two years. Sometimes we chop trees that have been dead for a while, which will have already dried on their own. Therefore, there is a lot of variation.


    For all the wood goes: we don't deliver, we kindly request that you pick it up yourself (Laan van Duivenvoorde 1, Voorschoten). Quantities under 1 m3 can be picked up without appointment. For picking up quantities larger than a few wheelbarrows, we kindly ask you to make an appointment by phone. If necessary, it is possible to borrow a trailer. Should you like to make use of this possibility, we request that you bring a (redacted) copy of your driver's licence (or send us a copy using the copy ID app), and a white licence plate.

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For more information and to make an appointment, you can contact grounds caretaker Dick de Vlieger ( during office hours.