Country estate Haagwijk

Modern times at a historic country estate
  • Upon the initiative of the Duivenvoorde Foundation, a modern, monumental country estate will be built at Haagwijk, a centuries-old part of the Duivenvoorde Estate. Under the supervision of developer Being Development, and in collaboration with the architectural firms Powerhouse Company and Delva Landscape Architects, eight detached houses and one apartment building will arise.

    A 21st century country estate
    Ambitions for this project are high. The Haagwijk estate is situated on the Vliet canal and is part of the 'Duivenvoorde corridor'. Together with the royal estate 'De Horsten', this unique area, valued for its culture and nature, connects the green, watery polders with the dunes, the beach and the sea. The development will enrich the landscape, and just like the Duivenvoorde estate it will have all the characteristics of a historic country estate: a family of interconnected buildings, one main building; the interaction between the garden, park and landscape being the central objective.

    The lots vary in size, from 900 to 3,200 m2. The lots are prepared for construction when delivered, with perpetual leasehold. There are various types of lots to choose from: there are the more secluded forest lots, or the lane lots, which are more freely located. The latter offer the possibility to build a boathouse or a mooring with direct access to the Vliet. The apartments have been for sale since the end of 2015.

    “Everyone would like to live in the most beautiful place, but the most beautiful places are already taken. What we are doing here, is creating new beautiful places”, says Steven Slabbers, landscape architect and chairman of the Duivenvoorde corridor quality team.

    Location and amenities
    The Haagwijk coutry estate is situated in a rich and historic landscape, with all the amenities within reach. It's not just close to cities such as The Hague, Leiden, and Amsterdam, but also close to the sea. In this last gem in the urban agglomeration, a unique opportunity presents itself to live in a green, water-rich area.

    The first residents of Haagwijk have arrived
    By now (end of June), the first residents of the monumental country estate at Duivenvoorde have arrived. After the sale of building plot 6 last year, the construction phase could soon begin. They were the first of the new residents of Haagwijk that we had the pleasure of welcoming.

    For more information, check the website of Haagwijk.

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