Bee-keeping at Duivenvoorde

  • Duivenvoorde as a living monument
    Duivenvoorde is actively involved in preserving the estate as a living natural monument. Situated between the dunes in the west and the polders in the east, the estate is of great cultural-historical and ecological importance to the urban agglomeration.

    A good example of that is the practice of bee-keeping. Bees are extremely important for humans and nature, but sadly, they are threatened with extinction worldwide. Fortunately, bee-keeping is actively pursued at Duivenvoorde, which benefits the bee population in the immediate vicinity.

    The bees at Duivenvoorde
    In the urban agglomeration, honey bees cannot survive without a bee-keeper. That is why bee-keeping is actively pursued at Duivenvoorde, with multiple hives. The Duivenvoorde estate has a wide variety of nectar source plants, for wild bees, as well as honey bees, butterflies and bumblebees. The estate is therefore ideal for helping maintain the bee population in the urban agglomeration.

    Currently, 12 hives of so-called Buckfast bees are kept. Buckfast bees have been bred for qualities like flying out early, gentle demeanour, large yield, and early development in the spring. At the moment (May 2016), there are 12 hives, of which 10 are stacked one-by-one: this technique needs less human interference in the hives, which gives them more peace.


    Want to check it out?
    The apiaries can be found in the flower garden, which is only accessible on the special open days. And on some open days, you can even see bee-keeper Steven Kluft in action, such as on the national Bee-keeping Open Days (see below). Visitors can also make an appointment with the bee-keeper to see an apiary on the inside, if the weather permits. For more information, send an email to

    Would you like to know more about the bee-keeper of Duivenvoorde? Steven Kluft was recently interviewed about the bees of Duivenvoorde, read the article here.

    Bee-keeping Open Days
    During the annual national Bee-keeping Open Days, hundreds of bee-keepers take the opportunity to introduce you to their hobby or profession. The bee-keeper of Duivenvoorde too would like you to get to know the bees of Duivenvoorde. Learn everything there is to know about the queen bee, harvesting honey, or what you can do to help improve the bee population. 

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